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Author: Liv Rutter 
Pinterest is preparing to release, or in some cases recently launched eight new and updated products for advertisers to create “the complete user experience”. These eight app updates are helping advertisers better connect with their Pinterest audience. 

The Updates 

Product Spotlight: Prior to the update, product spotlight was just in the search but now brands can buy slots in the home page feed, grabbing the attention of users when they open the app. This will help give advertisers a higher chance of getting their products/ads noticed. 
Showcase Ads: A new interactive ads solution that allows users to swipe through cards of branded content. This gets the user more engaged with the advertiser’s content and will help the user remember that specific ad. It also encourages users to engage with the brand and delve deeper into it. 
Quiz Ads: Helping brands to better personalise adverts on Pinterest by allowing advertisers to incorporate up to three questions into their quiz, creating an entertaining experience for users to engage with. This offers consumers more tailored ideas and provides advertisers a more fun way to educate users about their brand. This also guides users towards making an informed decision and ultimately a valuable purchase. 
Business Manager: A tool that helps advertisers to streamline their workflow. It is a centralised hub for agencies and advertisers which enables them to effectively oversee their team members, partnerships, accounts, and more. These new features include; 
Comprehensive business dashboards that offer a better grasp of investment impact 
An audience sharing feature that allows advertisers to save time enhancing targeting strategies, this will make Pinterest far more efficient and save advertisers a lot of time. 
Collages: This fantastic new update allows users to snip objects/products from a brands pin and blend them with other cut outs and images to craft the perfect interactive visual collection. Users can move beyond pins and boards to see how different products can come together to create visual content, providing users the opportunity to interact with a brand wherever they are. It can also help give a customer validity & reassurance, as they can see the product before buying it. 
Creative Studio: Designed to give brands an efficient way to generate lifestyle imagery for product pins, by selecting prompts that match their needs. Creative Studio will then generate a selection of custom backgrounds for the products for the brand to choose from. This is beneficial for small businesses who may not have access to designers or don’t have the time to spend a long time on a design. It also enables the advertiser to keep an image and try out different backgrounds for rebrands, seasonal updated images or even just to test different colourways. 
Mobile Deep Links & Direct Links: Direct Links help shoppers convert from discovering a product to purchasing a product much more effectively. Direct links navigate a user from a Pinterest ad to a brands website in 1 click. Mobile deep links are very similar to this but instead, the ad which the user selects will take them to the brands mobile app, simplifying the process for users to land on a brands site and therefore increasing conversion rate. 
eCommerce Integrations: Pinterest is expanding its capabilities by introducing two new integrations, Salesforce Commerce Cloud and Adobe Commerce. These integrations help brands to effectively handle their Pinterest product catalogue and configure them directly within the applications they’re already accustomed to using for Salesforce and Adobe. 
Pinterest is rapidly improving, allowing marketers to fully connect with their audience and will make marketing on the platform more efficient than ever before. 
Do you use Pinterest? If so, do you think this will make your job more streamline? 
If you are undecided about the new updates to Pinterest, find out whether you should be moving onto Pinterest? 
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