What is Pinterest? 

So, what is Pinterest, Pinterest is like many different social media and search engine platforms all in one. Whilst it does have some similarities with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, it also has its differences. 
The similarities: 
Pinterest has a home feed, where Pins, people and businesses are shown, the activity shown on the home feed is based on your recent activity, sounds similar right that’s because it acts the same as, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. 
Another similarity is the search engine, searching for pins such as home improvement ideas, recipes or clothes is very similar to any other search engine. With the use of keywords and hashtags, these help improve the pin allowing users to find your pin easily and effectively. Helping users and businesses on Pinterest. 
The differences:  
What makes Pinterest so unique is that it is one of the largest photo albums in the world, with its many features, this can make your account into a piece of art. The board is a feature only used on Pinterest. From having your ideal living room to your favourite food recipes, boards allow you to make a collection of pins into one allowing your imagination to move freely. There are over 3 billion boards on Pinterest, this makes a shopper’s dream come true. 
Another difference is Pins, have you ever seen an image and wondered, where do I buy it from? Well, the useful thing with Pinterest is that most of the pins have a direct link to the page the item is from. With the feature of saving pins, it allows you to come back to it and decide later. Many businesses have Pinterest, which is a great way to get targeted referral traffic to your business site. Many active pinners state that they use Pinterest for a plan to purchase. 

So why create a Pinterest account? 

For a business, it is a no brainer to start a Pinterest account … Right? Well 40% of Gen Z Pinners are up Year on Year. 31% of millennials in the UK, with a household income of £100k or over are on Pinterest (Statistics By Pinterest). So, what do these stats mean? It shows that Pinterest is growing across most age demographics and all that matters is the quality of the product and image you post. If users are liking what they see, they will share the pin, save for later or click on the link. With a direct traffic referral on Pins, this will help to increase sales. 

How do I publish my products on Shopify? 

With the Shopify and Pinterest partnership, Shopify merchants have many tools at their disposal, some of which are automatic, whilst others require you to upload products or manually sync them to your Pinterest page. 
Here are 5 things you can do when linking Shopify with your Pinterest account. 
Create a shop tab on Pinterest that feature your products 
Upload a product catalogue and publish in-stock items to your Pinterest page 
Install a Pinterest tag onto your website for automatic daily updating of products 
Activate an advertising campaign from the Shopify dashboard 
Link your website shopping cart from all Shopify-related Pins 

What makes a good profile? 

It is important a social media profile has an up-to-date logo and a banner, that is relevant or topical. This will show consumers that you are up to date, relevant and can help create a trustworthy bond with your audience. It is also valuable to become a verified business account as more people will see your account. Verified businesses are seen as more reliable as they are trusted by Pinterest. A non-verified account can affect your Pinterest account as it could be seen as a fake version or unreliable Pinterest account to users. 
To become a verified account, you need to follow 3 steps ... 
Make sure you have a business account – there are two types of accounts: Individual and Business account 
Claim your website – by pasting an HTML tag into the <head> section of your site’s index.html file 
Submit your request for review – this will take up to 24 hours 
To understand more, Hootsuite have provided some guidance on becoming verified. 
An ideal profile would have three features, a shop, a created section and a saved section. The shop section would have the categories reflecting their website, this makes it easy for users to access what they want. The created section should include pins that are high quality images, creative and show the product in its best way, this way it is the most efficient created section. Finally, the saved pin section should have many boards available, such as seasonal, topical or products you sell. The boards are a key section for Pinterest users, so creating boards that are inspirational to users is a fantastic way to encourage them to follow or share them, which ultimately helps increase reach. 

What are the best practices for pins? 

If you have a business account, there are best practices you should start doing as soon as possible. 
Here is what we recommend you should do with your account 
Pin what is popular – staying popular and on topic is a great way to help increase reach on Pinterest. The Pinterest Trend Tool is a tool that allows you to filter by date, interest and keyword to find the highest search volumes and terms which are trending  
Write an accurate description of your product, being mindful of Pinterest SEO. Remember Pinterest works the same way a search engine would so implementing keywords in descriptions are just as important 
A pin should follow the ratio of 2:3, you can add a logo on your pins to help increase brand awareness. 
Don’t delete pins – Pins can take days, weeks and even months to start to pick up traction. 
Aim for 10 organic pins before launching any paid activity. 

It is never too late to launch. 

One of our partners Monoware have recently transformed their Pinterest profile with the help from us. From a basic page to a verified account with many different categories and a variety of pins and boards to inspire potential consumers. 



With Pinterest growing every year, creating a Pinterest account will be better now rather than later. We believe that Pinterest is a great way to gain more traffic to your site. Not only does it let you generate Real engagement, this is if the users are sharing good content with a targeted group of audience. It can make your pins get seen be the right audience. Finally, it also allows you to understand your audience, this is because if you create a community, you can see what your audience also likes through the liked Pins. 
New to Pinterest or looking to transform your current profile? Feel free to contact us for some initial advice and guidance. 
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