My journey began in January ... I had known for a long while that I wanted to do something completely different to what I was doing, but I didn’t know what or where to start looking. When I was approached by Dave I honestly had no clue what he did on a daily basis, I wasn't sure whether I had the ability to learn the skills to the extent I'd need, to be able to support him. Luckily he had the confidence in me that I lacked myself and guided me in the right direction to help gain knowledge. 

What did I expect it would be like? 

I expected I would find it difficult and take a while to start understanding my role, but as soon as I began the first course I was engrossed and determined to succeed, as it was all so interesting and it felt good to have to use my brain again! Starting my new role was intense mainly because I started during lockdown, where I was home schooling my two children, so I would be doing courses on an evening but it was a nice escape and something to do for myself. Once I got started in the office it was a lot more ‘real’ and I began to learn more about our partners and what the job entailed. I have found it fun and interesting and have soon realised the amount of work which has to be done within the process to help benefit our partners. 

What have I learnt so far ... 

I began with courses whilst I couldn’t attend the office, completing three courses; Google Ads Search, Google Analytics for Beginners and HubSpot Social Media Marketing. I was also assigned tasks during our weekly zoom meetings, which is where I found a love for Google Ads Keyword Planner - learning to understand how users search. As if Keyword Planner wasn’t feeding my nosiness enough Dave introduced me to Hotjar ... who knew user site journeys are recorded and you can observe them! 
Everything I now know is what I have learnt since January! I feel I have learnt so much but especially mastered Hotjar, managing to pick out issues and decipher what changes can be made to improve user journeys and in effect gain more sales for the brand. The use of many programs that I didn't know existed such as Google Trends, Keyword Planner, Hotjar and Similar Web, has meant I have had to learn how to navigate and understand what they are used for. I still can’t believe how much you can find out about users and brands by using certain programs.o edit it. 

The highlights so far ... 

Highlights of the job so far have been passing the three exams (at my first attempt) and realising I’m not too old to learn a new role. I have especially enjoyed researching new brands to onboard for one of our partners, which is probably because I have always liked inputting data into spreadsheets, plus I have already got a keen interest in the sector that our partner is in. The heat map side of Hotjar has also been a favourite. I always thought my knowledge with office computer programs was quite good, but I soon began to realise i had a lot more to learn, so it’s been interesting to learn shortcuts and know/use all the other icons on excel. 

Going forward with Customer First Digital ... 

Don’t get me wrong I know I have only touched the surface (if that), of what the job entails and I will be constantly learning more to build my knowledge and confidence from Dave and other courses. I look forward to mastering all the programs and tools we use daily but I know it will be a career where I am always learning. It has been an eye opener and nice to get my head focussed on something I never thought I'd have an opportunity to do.. 
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