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Author: Lewis Stretton & Liv Rutter 
Welcome to September's edition of the Digital Revolution, where we provide you the latest updates from the world of digital.  

Amazon rivals Google as they launch a new search function 

What is it?: The retail giant Amazon, is rolling out a new search engine function on mobile, in an attempt to rival large search engines like Google and Bing. The search engine has multiple features including multimodal search (text and image), multiple AR features and a new feature called ‘find on Amazon’. This identifies similar products that a user shares in a photo, it sends the products directly with the Amazon app. 
Why is it important?: The new search tool created by Amazon, has an impact on a customer journey when looking or buying a product. An Amazon spokesperson stated, "We are always testing new features and honing existing ones to see what works best to help customers in every phase of their shopping journey." With this new search engine being implemented, more consumers will now be redirected to Amazon compared to other search engines like Google. This will affect Ad Revenue, by the likes of Google and Meta, in a hope that Amazon tries to rival and take the top spot. 
What action should you take?: You should head over to Amazon and try out the new search engine tool for yourself. We do recommend you keep an eye out for this feature to potentially move over to desktop, as the Amazon spokesperson stated, "We know that customer trust is hard to win and easy to lose, so we pay close attention to customer feedback about the shopping experience on Amazon." This will mean if this search engine tool is deemed a success, we could see it move to desktop and see Amazon really rival Google in the search engine world. 

TikTok launches new tool for improved insight into customer journey 

What is it?: TikTok have launched a new tool that allows advertisers to get a clear and better understanding of their campaign performance and user insight. Attribution analytics, is a new measurement solution that analyses a customer’s journey, supplying an insight in how a customer makes a purchase. They have also launched Performance Comparison alongside this, which helps you find the right strategy by allowing you to show conversions over different timeframes. 
Why is it important?: It’s important as these features allow the advertiser to identify weaknesses and positives in the customer journey (from the awareness of the product to the action of buying), whilst making a purchase through TikTok. This provides valuable insight to create a better experience for the user. The TikTok platform is constantly evolving, ensuring it is better and easier to use for the user and advertiser. 
What action should you take?: We believe you should head over to TikTok Ads manager and have a look at both features for yourself. Discover the insights and make the relevant changes required, to improve the customer experience. Also, keep an eye on TikTok in the coming months, as they plan to release a number of additional features to support campaigns and help the advertisers! 

Google Launches New AI Tool to help improve YouTube Ad Optimization 

What is it?: Creative Guidance is a new tool to assist advertisers in optimising their YouTube campaigns. It leverages AI to elevate your content and offer best-practice feedback on your videos. If critical information is missing from your video ad, creative guidance will notify you, ensuring that your campaigns are as effective as possible. Creative Guidance is now available through recommendations and has been integrated into video analytics withing Google Ads. 
Why is it important?: Creative Guidance allows advertisers to more effectively and time efficiently proof check their ads and quickly optimise their videos to maximise ad performance. This helps advertisers quickly identify mistakes and ensure their videos are to a professional standard. 
What action should you take?: Visit your Google Ads account and select the campaigns icon, then navigate yourself to the Assets drop down in the section menu and click “Videos”. Select the “Analytics” tab next to “Videos” and click the video you want to review. Finally, in the “Ideas to try” section (below retention curves) is where you will find the creative attributes you’re missing and recommendations on how to improve your video. 

Bonus Update: ChatGPT Can Now Speak, Hear and See You. 

There are two new features that have been added to ChatGPT. These new features allow you to either, engage with voice conversations with the AI bot, and share images to express your thoughts or give more context to your question rather than relying on typed out prompts. For example, if you are having a quarrel at the dinner table, you can now ask ChatGPT for its opinion or take a photo of your fridge and ask what’s for dinner. The new voice feature is also capable of creating realistic, synthetic voices. 
These two new updates have endless opportunities. The new ability to view and understand images provides huge creative opportunities. For example, you could show ChatGPT images of a product and an image of your room and ask where best to place the product, or show it a product and ask it to find where you can purchase the product, if you are unsure. However, there are some negatives to this, one being a very concerning potential of actors who may impersonate public figures for malicious purposes or even fraud. 

Our final thoughts ... 

We continue to see mixed views on role of AI, however we are starting to see more people especially in digital are becoming open to the concept of using, to support workflow efficiencies and decision making. We feel the latest ‘creative guidance’ application from Google for YouTube is a great example of how AI can be used to ensure that video content hits the mark. Using learnings from previous campaigns to co-pilot the teams that are developing creative concepts, helps creates the right balance, ensuring that the human touch is still at the heart of the content, whilst ensuring it’s delivered to best practice. 
For further information on any of the latest product updates or anything new that is on your mind, get in touch with our team of digital experts today. 
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