So, it’s not your typical Easter Weekend. The local Easter Egg Hunt is cancelled for this year and there is no Easter Sunday Communion for you to physically go to. 
In case you need any inspiration, here are some of the things that we as a family will be spending time doing this weekend. 
Watch this space ... I will be adding more to this over the course of the weekend 

Get creative with crafting 

The chances are you have a lot more junk to get rid of, especially as you havent been able to donate to your school. Plus, this weekend you will be overrun with Easter Egg Boxes to add to your usual blue bin recyclables. No matter what age you are, find your inner child and get creative with some junk modelling. Do you have something you are dreaming about doing or somewhere you want to go first, after lockdown finishes? You could spend time together creating this as an alternative to that traditional painting of the boiled egg! If you or your children are getting tired of your board games, you could develop your own original game, or a variation of an old classic. The waterparked themed Slides and Ladders is quite popular in the Trolle household at the minute. 

Bring the cinema to your home 

One place where many of you would have been heading this weekend is the cinema. There are however plenty of films to watch this weekend for the entire family, which you can watch from the comfort of your own sofa. If you were planning to go and see Trolls World Tour this weekend, all is not lost, as you can get your fix of hugs and glitter sparkles on demand. Although at £15.99 it may seem expensive to rent for 24 hours, we all loved it! It’s the first time I had red wine watching a new release too! 
If you haven’t got access to subscription-based services such as Netflix or Sky Cinema, there are some great classics available across the free channels including Raiders of the Lost Ark (BBC One), Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Channel 5), Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (ITV) and Pretty Woman (Channel 5). If you are a Bond fan like me, watch out for Skyfall and Spectre on Saturday and Sunday evening (both on ITV2). 

Bake some Easter delights 

f you are planning to do your weekly shop, take a minute to pick out your favourite from one the of the BBC Good Food Easter recipes, to make sure you have the right ingredients. There are lots of great choices including carrot cakes, rabbit biscuits and Hot Cross Buns. My favourite is the simple chocolate nest with a mini egg or three on top, although I plan to go a bit more adventurous this weekend! And that doesn’t mean adding a fourth egg! Updates to follow as the weekend progresses. 

Time to remember the meaning of Easter  I would never profess to be the most religious person and I have never attended an Easter Mass before, however in amongst the food and fun, it is important to remember why we have Easter. My daughter loves talking about what she has learnt in Religious Studies at school and she has been talking about the meaning of Easter this week. I will be making sure I put some time aside to understand what she has learnt.  

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