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We joined Dave the founder of Customer First Digital to discuss the NEW brand partnership service, understanding the why, the what and the how you get involved … 

Why did Customer First Digital start brand partnerships? 

Back in 2022 we saw a bit of an opportunity in the market, we saw that costs are rising to both acquire customers and to advertise in Google and other platforms as well. The loss of 3rd party data has significantly impacted the industry, from Apple iOS changes to the forthcoming Google Chrome cookie removals. We thought that we'd try a service called Brand Partnerships where we would connect our clients together, especially when they have complementary target audiences. I guess the rest is history at this point because actually what we've seen is some great performance growth from doing that. As a result, what we've started to do is create new partnerships outside of our client community. 

What campaigns can brands run? 

There's a number of campaigns that brands can run. As a brand partnership agency, we've tried and tested quite a lot and all seem to work really well, benefitting multiple metrics across the customer journey. So we've got things like on site exposure, we've got competitions that we've ran across social and onsite as well, to help data collection, email campaigns and added trackable inserts (via QR codes and unique discount codes), into product packaging too. One campaign that actually is coming up in December is an advent calendar. 

What benefits can be realised from brand partnerships? 

We've seen the campaigns benefit many metrics across your business. These include brand awareness, social following, attributable sales, both from the trackable QR codes and also unique discount codes as well. We've also seen a growth in data captured, which could be retargeted for future campaigns as well. 

What is Customer First Digital's role in brand partnerships? 

As a brand partnership agency, our role is exactly the same as affiliate management. It's a full end to end service. What we're doing is we're looking to create a community of like minded brands that are looking to co-promote each other. One of the main things as well is that we're trying to coordinate all the different campaigns and to make sure that actually we measure the true value from each of the campaigns as well. 

How can you join our community? 

It's simple to join. All you need to do is get in touch with our team of experts via our dedicated email that's, service is free for everyone for the rest of 2023. Our brand partnership service is also free for all of our affiliate marketing and consulting clients ongoing who work with us. 
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