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Author: Liv Rutter 
It’s been 1 month since the start of my digital marketing career and I certainly didn’t expect to be in the position I am now. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for a career, but I knew I wanted to do something I found interesting and exciting. I had always had an interest in ecommerce and digital marketing as I was curious as to how it worked. I do digital art in my spare time so I knew I wanted to have a job that would allow me to utilize my creative side and out of the box thinking. I’m so happy I found this position at Customer First Digital as there wasn’t many opportunities like this in the area and I can’t believe how much I have learnt and done here in such a short time. 

What work I have done? 

My first month at Customer First Digital has certainly been an educational but fun month. During my first week I attended my first client meeting with Decree and presented a small amount of research I had done in my first few days here. I have also done research on brand partnerships and for an event we are holding with Green Ginger Digital later this month at Waffle 21. I used Facebook and LinkedIn to post about the event into relevant groups and created my first flyer on Canva to spread awareness of the event to local people. I have also done a lot of key word research and optimisation for the Face the Future Clinic in order to improve the traffic on their website and, I presented some of my work when attending the Face the Future head office. Now I have been here a month, I’m now capable of participating on Mondays weekly reports for our clients affiliate programmes, mostly independently with a little help from Lewis and my notes. Finally, I have learnt how to upload offers from Rakuten to Skimlinks for our partners. 

What have I learnt in my first month ... 

Where do I start? I have learnt so much in my first month, but I would say the thing I have learnt that I am most proud of is learning and passing the Google Analytics 4 Certification, without any previous knowledge. On top of this I learnt how to use Canva to create images for social media posts, Instagram Reels and flyers for events. I also shadowed Lewis to learn how to use Buffer to create our social media posts across all platforms. Suzanne has talked me through affiliate marketing, Rakuten Advertising, and influencers, why we have them, how to find them and our partners criteria for influencers, so I was then able to go through our lists and decide who was a good match and who was not. Finally, I have gained a deeper understanding of the ecommerce market from the weekly webinars created by IMRG. 

My expectations ... 

I had set my expectations low, due to the fact I had already tried a previous apprenticeship about a year ago, that didn’t go very well. The workload was very low and extremely repetitive trying to fill my time with sorting out the filing cabinets. I was just a number to the company; I hadn’t even met 20% of the staff in the business. So, it was a nice surprise to come here and find it was quite the opposite, meeting the entire team on my first day and coming in on my first day to see that I had stationary, notebooks and even a water bottle bought for me, which was so kind and thoughtful. On top of this, every day is different! From the workload to location, the variation of work makes the job fun and exciting. I look forward to coming into work when Monday comes around, which I certainly wouldn’t have said a year ago. 

Going forward ... 

For the next 6 months, I look forward to finding my feet at Customer First Digital and gaining a greater understanding of affiliate and digital marketing, as well as being able to work independently and getting more involved in more client meetings and calls, I can’t wait to watch our clients grow. My next aim is to complete the Rakuten Advertising 8  week Strategic Account Management program, to help me gain more knowledge about affiliates and the platform. Finally, I look forward to starting college in September, meeting all the people on my course and learning more about ecommerce and digital marketing. 
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