When we initially engage with a brand on answering a challenge they set, we typically engage with a 'discover' phase first. Although this phase of the project can last between one and three months, our pragmatic approach means we can identify opportunities and start to make change from day one.  
This blog helps to understand more about the 'discover' stage, including what challenges we are set, how we go about answering these and how we have helped our clients. 

What digital challenges are we typically set? 

As our offering spans a number of areas from digital marketing to operational capability and capacity, the 'exam' questions we are set can be quite varied. Questions also vary as we work with brands across a number of sectors; some of which are start ups, whilst others are more established. 
Typical questions we are set include but are not limited to the following: 
Are we using the right mix of digital marketing channels to maximise new customer acquisition? 
How can we increase the efficiency of our existing digital marketing activity? 
What options should we take to improve the retention and value from our existing customers? 
Do we have the right team, media and technology partners to deliver on our objective? 
What techniques should we deploy to improve customers online experience? 
Which initiatives would help to increase traffic, conversion rate and average order value? 

What does our ideal client look like? 

We often get asked what is our ideal client? The expected answer to this question would be the dream brand which we want to work with. For us, it's more about how the brand behaves, operates and collaborates. 
To put it simply, any brand that have an appetite to make change and grow their digital performance and make change are the ones at the top of the list. Also clients who are open to sharing and are willing to take constructive criticism are key to ensuring we identify all opportunities and that change is possible. 

How do we work with our clients? 

Once we have agreed to work with clients on a project, we look to immediately get an understanding of the DNA of their digital activity. Access' to analytics and ad platforms will be required to allow for a review pf what is currently happening. The context as to why is one of the most important aspects, which we gain through stakeholder interviews.  
We continuously share and discuss findings with the project sponsor and/or full team each week. This helps to identify actions which can be immediately actioned. This way of working also ensures that the client has the opportunity to adjust the questions that are being answered, 
At the end of the discover phase, all clients get a clear list of recommendations, prioritised by commercial values and providing a clear order on what should be actioned when. The level of detail provided both with the documentation and as part of the final presentation, means that the brands digital in-house team and / or agency partner are enabled with the knowledge required. 

How our partners benefit from the 'discover' stage? 

Our approach differs from many digital consultancies you will speak to. We want to bring change and show the value of our recommendations at pace during this discover stage, rather than waiting for the project to be completed. 
Looking back over the last 12 months, some of the examples of the change we have brought to our clients includes the following: 
Digital Marketing: Onboarded and launched a new affiliate programme, which is now delivering 14..5% of the brands overall online revenue 
Website Customer Experience: Created a plan for migrating from a legacy ecommerce platform to Shopify, which included identifying the Shopify partner to work with 
Partner Gap Analysis: Identified an untapped opportunity with SEO and subsequently help find and onboard their 2021 partner 
People and Process: Developed a customised approach to enable a retailer to identify which brands they should prioritise onboarding 
Customer Behaviour Insights: Reviewed the customer path to purchase and developed bespoke attribution models for two retailers 
Digital Marketing: Created a new optimisation approach, increasing the leads by 150% and improving the cost per lead by 41% 

Looking to discover quick win and long term growth opportunities? 

Our discover approach is accessible and applicable for brands of all sizes to take advantage. If you would like to understand how we can help grow your business, get in touch today. 
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