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Author: Liv Rutter 
Welcome to November's edition of the Digital Revolution, where we provide you the latest updates from the world of digital.  

Meta revealed new AI tools for photo editing and video asset creation 

What is it?: This is a new AI tool for video asset creation and photo editing for Facebook and Instagram. The new tool Emu Video, uses user-provided images and text prompts to generate high quality videos and animations. Emu Edit is a photo editing tool that allows you to create local and global edits, remove and add backgrounds, edit the position and orientation of an entity, colour correction, detection, segmentation and much more. 
Why is it important?: This new tool is brilliant as it reduces the back and forth time between creative and media teams. For smaller content creators, it’s faster to edit content, which allows time for more tedious tasks like data analysis. This also allows anyone more access to diverse creatives. 
What action should you take?: Although this update isn’t out yet, you can check out Meta’s blog on Emu Video and Emu Edit to discover the endless opportunities Meta has to offer. We will update you in a future bonus update, once it's launhed. 

Google launches new personalized ranking and topics  

What is it?: Google has released a new update that will tailor your search results specifically to you. The first feature is a follow button, which allows you to follow topics you are interested in. You will then receive a notification when something new has been added to that topic. Google may add a ‘News For You’ section, that shows you news topics and news content around the topics you follow. There is also going to be a new ranking feature which looks at your most visited sites and shows you more of those sites in the search. 
Why is it important?: This update can go both ways; the new ranking feature will be good for retaining new customers and regular visitors. However, this may not work out too well for gaining new customers. This is due to the fact if a new customer has visited competitors’ sites before, the competitor’s site will appear first in the results. 
What action should you take?: This update has only been released in the US so far. If you are from the US, we would recommend reviewing your data from the two to four weeks prior to the update and the same period post the update, to see if this has effected your site visits from organic search. 

Meta reveals new lead generation ad tools for Facebook and Instagram 

What is it?: Meta have unveiled five new tools to help businesses get better leads on Facebook and Instagram. The first tool is a click to WhatsApp tool, where a pop up at the bottom of a post allows you to click through to a business’s WhatsApp. Next, Meta has introduced HubSpot as a CRM partner, allowing a straight forward clickthrough setup. They have also revealed that there will be a new instant ad format. For example, when a user has completed filling out personal information for a hairdressers they will then have the option to share this information with other relevant businesses, like a nail salon. 
Why is it important?: This will help brands nurture high quality leads, throughout multiple points of the customer journey. It will also allow more opportunities for smaller businesses to be discovered in places they wouldn’t have before. 
What action should you take?: Start coming up with ideas of how your business could benefit from these new tools. How will you use them? Will you use them all? Review which are relevant for your business and test, test, test! 

Bonus Update: Google releases November 2023 Core Update 

On the 2nd of November 2023 Google released its 4th core update of the year. Google has updated its algorithms which my effect your organic traffic, conversions, or revenue. To see if this update has affected you, pull a report from the two weeks prior to the update and, pull a report from the most recent two weeks and see if your data has drastically changed. 

Our final thoughts ... 

There was no let up from Google and Meta this month, with both continuing to release new features. Our pick of the bunch is the new lead functionality from Meta. Whilst conversions and revenue is the holy grail, in a world where consumers are spending more time browsing before they buy, the need to capture leads to educate about your products and services ,has to be prioritised. Whilst this may not yield immediate returns, nurturing leads is key for sustainable long term business growth. 
For further information on any of the latest product updates or anything new that is on your mind, get in touch with our team of digital experts today. 
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