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Author: Olivia Rutter 
My adventure with Customer First Digital started six months ago, in June 2023. I think it’s crazy. I have been here for six months already, and it has definitely flown by. I have gained such an insight into the way the digital world works, and I would put this down purely to the team I work with. I have learnt and accomplished far more than I could have imagined prior to starting at Customer First Digital and at college; it’s truly been an amazing six months. 

What work I have done? 

I feel like I have experienced so much in my first six months, from joining partner calls to taking on new partners and organising brand partnership competitions. I’ve travelled down to the Face The Future head office and even experienced what goes on during the famous Black Friday month. I’ve even created my own newsletter for our new service, Affinity. I’ve done so much more than I would have expected at this point in my journey at Customer First Digital. 

What have I learnt in my first half year ... 

Firstly, I have massively developed my knowledge of Excel. Before I started, I had very minimal knowledge of Excel, but I had to quickly pick it up due to our weekly partner reports. I’ve learned how to use the Rakuten dashboard and how important it is for our affiliate marketing. I’ve discovered what SEO is, how to improve partner's websites and help them be discovered in search results. Most of these things I didn’t even know existed six months ago, so to think I can use and do all of these things independently now makes me realise just how far I have come. 

Proudest moment so far ... 

My first proudest moment was being able to complete our weekly partner reports independently. Another proud moment was starting college. I was really nervous to start as I didn’t know anyone there, and it had been a good few years since I had stepped foot into college. But, because my class specifically (students and my tutor) have been so friendly and welcoming, all my nerves instantly vanished. I also designed my first flyer to insert into our goodie bags we handed out at PI Live. It was really cool to see my work printed out. I also recently designed a golden ticket of £100 that we gifted Lewis to take on his holiday to New York City. This was a fun mini-project as it had to be kept secret! 

Outside of work ... 

We have participated in a few fun activities. We had our summer social, where the four of us escaped the autopsy. I must admit it was a bit scary, but we all had fun! We then went for a meal at Figaro, where I enjoyed a wonderful pizza. During my time here, we also became proud sponsors of the Hull Jets. We have attended a few of their ice hockey games, which were loads of fun. We also have our Christmas social planned in two weeks, where we will be travelling to Manchester to go to THE CUBE, where we will be competing against each other to win. 

Moving into 2024 ... 

Considering I have experienced and learnt so much more than I had expected in my first six months, I’m really excited to see where 2024 takes me. As our service, Affinity, has just begun, I’m looking forward to seeing what opportunities we can get from it. I am also thrilled to be able to say that we have been shortlisted for the 2024 Northern Digital Awards, which will be awesome to see. I’m also really intrigued as to where my college course will go, as I’ve really been enjoying what I have been learning. Overall, I have had an incredible and positive six months at Customer First Digital, and I cannot wait to go into 2024 with the team. 
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