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Author: Dave Trolle 
Whilst there have been many posts from agencies, technology companies and digital experts on Generative AI and Chat GPT, we’ve been quietly working away to identify real life use cases which can be applied for our clients and answer common questions that are being asked. Clearly, we are in unchartered territory, there are some mixed views on the value and the direction that solutions like Chat GPT can bring. One thing that is for certain is our views and opinions that we have created today, will most likely change by the end of 2023! 

What is Chat GPT? 

Chat GPT is a solution, which initially was developed to provide answers to simple and complex questions. The solution has however developed rapidly, with the ability to create unique content, based on a set of instructions provided by the user. In some respects, it can be seen as the modern version of the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button in Google, where a specific answer is provided to the user request. 

How does Chat GPT work? 

Chat GPT uses Generative AI (otherwise known as machine learning). As the solution is using machine learning, it continues to learn and create better solutions for the user, the more it is used. 

How can Chat GPT be used in marketing? 

It feels like every day if not every week a new use case is developed, as people iterate on the Chat GPT and Open AI offering. We have already identified a few use cases which add value to our partners activity: 
Creative messaging – from Google Ads copy and email titles to SMS messages, we are seeing tech partners starting to offer options to test. 
Identifying new partners including influencers – search for acne skincare influencers in Leeds and see how much time you could save! 
Research blog content – whilst we wouldn’t advocate using the exact content created, there is certainly mileage in using some of the recommendations to inspire your team. 
There are others which are slightly more questionable with risks attached, which are being investigated and tested more cautiously. Take for example, product description development. Like blog creation, there is opportunity to carry out research to find different information about products that are being resold on other sites. However, beware … lifting this content and utilising will not deliver on the unique content needed to be rewarded by search engines (SEO). 

Can Chat GPT create eCommerce and Content websites? 

Whilst this is an area, we haven’t tried ourselves, we know from our community that this is possible. However, we feel that this is only suitable for the development of real basic sites e.g. temporary sites. We wouldn’t personally use Chat GPT to rebuild and redevelop our Customer First Digital site. 

Will Chat GPT Replace Google? 

Google has faced numerous threats over the years from new technology solutions, with TikTok being the most recent platform, which raises the question of the relevancy of Google in the future and whether the market share will dwindle. Our view is that Google will continue to find ways to innovate and provide its own equivalent offering, through Bard to enhance the experience on Google. And whilst users may spend less time on Google, with more ways to find the information they need, Google will always have a role in the customer journey. 

What should brands be doing to understand more about Chat GPT? 

There are clearly not a one size fits all approach as every business is different based on the size and sector. Understand how your partners are using generative AI to enhance their processes and technology solutions – this will be a great test of how they are future proofing their offering. But don’t just stop there … make sure that you have a plan across your business to embrace, understanding how best it can be used. 

Do solutions like Chat GPT raise employment concerns? 

Quite simply, we do not believe that it should. When we are speaking to our partners about adopting and trialling Chat GPT solutions, we advise that you should ensure that you have clear objectives and are transparent with your team. We also recommend that the objectives are not a cost cutting exercise. There are always activities which are parked because of day-to-day business as usual process’ getting in the way. Get the implementation of this right within the business and this should ensure that more time is spent on strategic initiatives, which will improve your top line revenue and bottom-line margin. 

Our Final Thoughts … 

In summary, our advice is simple. Whilst day to day trading is essential to the growth of the business, you need to make sure that you don’t ignore the capabilities of Chat GPT and equivalent solutions. One thing that is clear is that it is the future, it won’t disappear, and early adopters will gain the most benefit. 
Looking to find out more on how to navigate AI and Chat GPT, please feel free to get in touch. 
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