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Author: Joe Weatherill 
My name is Joe and I have just begun my digital marketing career with Customer First Digital as an apprentice. 


My interest in this field first grew during college, through my media studies course. This is when I began to see and carry out the technical elements of digital marketing, such as strategies used to create websites and what goes into the planning of producing media products. The assignments I carried out sparked the desire to want to fully pursue this career path, as I really enjoyed the whole process of my course and felt like it was something I could excel at. 

Work Experience 

Since leaving college I have spent the last year working for Sports Direct, which initially was meant to be a part time job whilst at college. However, this developed further as I gained more responsibility and therefore gained more hours, as I progressed into a full-time employee (Sales Assistant). Instead of jumping straight into an apprenticeship from college, this job role allowed me to re-evaluate what apprenticeship I wanted to do. 
Working in retail has helped greatly with boosting my social skills, engaging with customers and helping to increase sales. In the role I create a relationship by way of a conversation with customers to find out the most suitable product for them and their lifestyle. I engage with the customers to find their needs/demands, ultimately converting their interests into purchases. I displayed empathy both verbally and by my actions, with their requests, budget and dependent on their circumstances, with a hands-on approach to help those with children/elderly/vulnerable needs. 
I feel with the experience/skills I have gained in my current role, including my proven working with such a diverse range of customers, will particularly help me with the criteria required for this role. The experience of being in a work environment in addition to my qualifications, alongside my desire to improve, learn and work in an area I enjoy has helped me greatly prepare for this apprenticeship. 


Throughout my Media A-Level I have created short films which focus on selecting a genre and picking out codes and conventions to appeal to the target audience most effectively. I have also created adverts and campaigns, which involved lots of research to find the best way to engage with the audience and get the best out of what the commission wants from the final media product. I have designed websites, which focused mainly on the best and simplest way to sell a product online. I have used a variety of editing software such as photoshop and premiere pro, to appeal to certain target audiences for my music video and short film. I believe the skills/knowledge I have gained will be very useful for this apprenticeship. 


When it came to the decision between university or an apprenticeship, I always had my mind set on an apprenticeship. This is because I knew it would be best for my development, and to gain the hands-on work experience, as well as learning the skills needed would drive me in the right direction. 

CFD and Hull College 

After viewing the website and seeing the years of experience in the field and the many awards and successful case studies with partners on show, I knew Customer First Digital would be the perfect opportunity for me. Reading the feedback from the partners it seemed the team were very positive minded and worked well together. 
I then had the opportunity to attend an induction with CFD, which allowed me to get an idea of what it would be like to work for the company. From spending the morning working independently and with the team on different tasks, it confirmed my decision to work for the company. The work environment and work ethic allowed me to work well and complete my tasks successfully, whilst also being enjoyable. 
After my first day I could instantly see the great teamwork, and the teams driven mindset to constantly look for ways to improve the company. Dave and the rest of the team have been extremely welcoming and kind, and I feel I will learn a lot from them. My first day was very enjoyable, after attending my first team meeting and becoming familiar with the company’s layout/how they operate, I now feel ready to kick-start my apprenticeship. 
I also believe Hull College will be a great training provider for me. Continuing my college work in this field will help to constantly improve my skills alongside my work, as well as working towards a nationally recognised qualification. This will help me develop my career further once I have completed my apprenticeship. 

Moving Forward 

I am most looking forward to beginning my practical work in digital marketing and seeing the positive impacts that come from the many decisions made throughout different projects and makings of media products. 
As well as this I am looking forward to learning more about digital marketing and finding out new methods and ways of marketing online, the experience I will gain from this apprenticeship will most certainly help me progress at a faster rate in the future. 
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