So Black Friday is done and dusted for another year. We hope like our clients that you have had another record-breaking period. No doubt you will have seen an influx in new customers over the period. The challenge with Black Friday can be the influx of bargain hunters that the period delivers, with consumers buying solely on price, making retaining these customers on your mailing list and as future customers a challenge. 
As we enter December, the focus should be on re-engaging with these customers in a considered way. Hopefully our top tips below will help you along the way. 

Not all brands are equal  

Dependent on the sector that you operate in, a second purchase may be within the next month or the next year. If you do not know it already, understand your customer buying behaviour. You do not need to look back at peak for this. Look at your last 12 months data to understand average time to second purchase and what they typically purchase next. 

Harvest the newly acquired customers off from your usual comms 

Unsubscribe rates can be quite high in December, which is typically linked to the fact that these new customers are treated the same as your most loyal. We would not recommend exposing them to all the mailers, as you would risk unsubscribes. Creating these segments is straight forward to do in your Email Service Provider or Customer Data Platform. These segments can also be pushed through to paid channels too, to message the customers more subtly. 

Do not assume customers know who you are – tailor messaging 

Now you have segmented the newly acquired customers, you can develop a specific communication plan for them. Whilst we know that customers will have interacted with your brand in different ways, many will have purchased in a less considered way over the period. They will have purchased on price and not bought into your brand and the values you have. If you have sent follow-up post purchase emails, these will have also no doubt got lost in the sea of emails that are sent out over the Black Friday period. Whilst there are still sales to be generated during December, a less sales focussed approach should be taken initially. Make sure your brand values and wider benefits come to the fore, to ensure that consumers understand why buying just on price is not the only reason to shop with you. 

Remember the leads acquired too … 

You may have captured an email and / or mobile number during the Black Friday period, but they may have held off making their first purchase with you. Why don’t you find out why they did not purchase from you? Did they purchase from a competitor or did they decide to hold off on their purchase? Can they even remember your brand and what offers were live? Like the newly acquired customers, it is also the perfect time to understand their communication preferences, including frequency and type of content. 
If any of our tips have peaked your interest or you want to get ahead of your competitors and plan for 2023 peak, get in touch with our team. 
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