We are back to our top 3 updates again for September, primarily dominated by Google. B2B marketers finally get some good news (aswell as B2C marketers)!!! 

Another SEO update from Google ... it's all about the Core again 

What is it?: Following hot on the heels of Google's helpful content update being fully rolled out, we saw the Google Core Update rollout for the second time this year, 3 days later (the last update was in May 2022). The rollout was completed as of the 26th, two weeks after the launch on the 12th September. 
Why is it important?: We often talk about the role that SEO plays for the brand in lowering the cost of acquiring and retaining customers. Whilst this remains true, today our thoughts are with the end customer. Whilst ads remain essential within the search landscape, some people have a lack of trust for ads and often are inclined to use the organic listings, especially as they are in the 'research mode'. 
What action should you take?: There is no change to our previous advice here. As always, data is king here and we recommend that you have the right SEO tools in place such as SE Ranking, SEM Rush and / or AHREFs, plus continue to monitor Google Search Console, pre and post the rollouts. For this release we reviewed the 2 weeks pre, during and post period to understand the impact for our clients. Strong visibility is essential to reaching these customers. 

What happened at Google Search On 22? 

What is it?: At the latest Search On 22 conference, the latest innovations and plans from Google was shared. 9 new shopping features (which we have focussed on) were announced, however all of the insights from the event including watching the full event remotely can be found here. 
Why is it important?: When reviewing the changes to the search landscape, there are some common themes that Google are rolling out, all with the emphasis on improving the customer experience. Focussing on the 9 new shopping features, a mix of personalised recommendations, new ways of presenting the results via imagery and our view is that these changes have been announced. Our view is that this is in response to the multiple changes and increased investment seen in eCommerce to competitors such as TikTok, in an attempt to differentiate their offering to both customers and brands. It was reported last month that eCommerce brands have spent 60% more in TiKTok in Q2, demonstrating the need for Google to innovate at pace. 
What action should you take?: Nothing needs to be carried out at the moment - many of these shoppable features are only in the US and will be automatically adopted to search results moving forwards globally, should Google deem that they have added value to the user. 

LinkedIN steps up their B2B ad offering with 4 new features ... 

What is it?: On the 29th September, LinkedIN announced four new features including ... 
Offline Conversions - integration with leading CRM partners to recognise the effectiveness of your campaigns 
Audience insights - understand what audiences are engaging in your ads for existing campaign optimisation and future campaigns 
Document ads - promote long form content including whitepapers, case studies and reports 
Media library - storage of all campaign assets in one location 
Why is it important?: Whilst the majority of ad spend especially for B2C brands goes to the big 4 (Google, Microsoft, Meta and TikTok), LinkedIN does have a role to play for many businesses to support with business growth. Examples include promoting to new wholesale and retail partners or raising your brands profile to perspective brands which you want to resell (amongst others). 
What action should you take?: We have advised, trained and supported the implementation of B2B campaigns for many of our clients. If you feel that B2B advertising is relevant for you or not sure how to take advantage of LinkedIN, let us know. 

Our final thoughts ... 

Marketing to business' often gets over shadowed by not only the industry but in our updates in favour of updates which are relevant to B2C advertising. The irony is that most B2C advertisers should be looking at ways to reach business' too. The new updates from LinkedIN provide a platform for this. 
As always, if there is anything that has peaked your interest, do not hesitate to get in touch 
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