We put you and your customers at the heart of everything we do. An easy strap line to write when coming up with your company branding, but quite often a hard one to deliver on. Although we are still in our early stages, we believe that this is more than just a strap line and that our approach has helped to put our clients and their customers first, living and breathing this every day. 
As a transparent provider of digital services, we wanted to share some of the ways we create a customer first strategy for our clients. 
With the wealth of digital data we now have access to, gone are the days where Acorn data or customer personas is enough to develop a targeted customer strategy. 
The first of this Customer First series focusses on the general questions which brands should understand and have answers to, to develop a customer first digital strategy for both new customer acquisition and retention. 

Customer behaviour traits 

When do potential customers start searching for your product lines (seasonality)? 
How do external factors such as weather or events change brand or product demand? 
What are your customers typical paths to conversion by store type, channel and device? 
How long does it take a consumer to purchase following initial interaction with the brands how does this change by category? 
What times of the day or days of the month drive higher conversion rates and/or average order values and what factors drive this (e.g. Pay Day)? 
Are there certain locations (countries / cities) where you over and under index for new customers, when comparing to the population? 
To what extent does your sales profile correlate with your offline presence e.g. high number of store locations? 

Digital marketing 

How much should you spend acquiring a customer and should this differ by category? 
Does the way your customers search for your brands products correlate with the products they eventually purchase? 
Which conversion paths drive the best Return on Investment and conversion rates? 
How often (to what frequency) should you retarget a customer and at what point should you cease targeting them? 
What 3rd party customer segments (e.g. affinity and in market segments) drive the strongest sales rate? 

Creative messaging 

What messaging drives the best engagement and conversion rates from customer and how does this differ by channel? 
What messaging should I serve to a customer who has previously engaged with the brand? 
How do customers respond to different promotions e.g. 50% off vs. half price messaging? 
Which areas of the site do you have strong visitor rates, to enable retargeting techniques? 
How do my customers respond to more personalised messaging? 

Website customer experience  Which parts of the site are you seeing higher than average bounce rates and exit rates and is this on a downward trend? How does my checkout perform vs. the industry average? What percentage of customers view & engage with the content you want them to see? Which product bundles and related product combinations drive the best response rate? How are people searching onsite and are relevant results being shown?  

And the rest ... 

If you are lucky enough to have a strong existing customer base, there are some extra questions which will help you refine your online marketing efforts further … 
What is the average purchase frequency of a customer? 
Which customers fit into the lower and upper quartile, from a frequency and value perspective? 
Does the customer stay loyal to the same sales channel e.g. web vs app, phone or store? 
Does my customer consistently purchase from the same category or product? 
Does using promotions against the existing customer base increase frequency of purchase and basket size or erode margin? 
To what extent do I need to market to the customer to keep them and/or increase value size and how does this differ by customer type? 
When is a customer classed as a lapsed customer and why have customers lapsed e.g. product quality, service, price or a combination of factors? 
What are the best routes to winning back lapsed customers? 

Looking to understand more about your customer? 

If you are looking to understand any of the above questions, contact us today for a no obligation free consultation. We can help you understand more about your customers and put your customers at the heart of everything you do. 
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