August is usually a quieter month for updates however it’s been so busy this month, we have extended our top 3 to a top 4! This month we cover all forms of marketing from awareness based offline activity to social and search updates... 

Bye Bye to Facebook Live Shopping 

What is it?: Meta announced at the start of October that they are ceasing Shopping Lives from the start of October. Facebook lives will continue to be available for brands to create events past this point, however the ability to create playlist or tag products in the events will be removed. Instagram shoppable events should continue. 
Why is it important?: This move comes just over a month after TikTok announced that Live Shopping would not be adopted in the US, due to a disastrous launch in the UK market. Is this change a coincidence or as Meta have announced, is it due to the growing popularity of short form reels, where brands are using the product tagging functionality to drive more conversions from their organic social activity. 
What action should you take?: If you currently use this shoppable functionality for live Facebook events, your team will still be able to add links to comments as a workaround. We would also recommend, if you were not already, to broadcast your Lives to your Instagram community too based on the functionality still being available. 

TikTok make shopping easier for their users 

What is it?: TikTok have announced some new ad formats are being launched, which will make it more likely that people will convert via the platform. The new ad formats include Video Shopping Ads, Catalog Listing Ads and LIVE Shopping Ads. These formats follow some of those that Meta have available for their advertisers. 
Why is it important?: TikTok’s share of advertising revenues is small in comparison to the levels which are seen from both Google and Meta. TikTok is however clearly seeing the confidence waning from brands advertising on Facebook and Instagram. They’re quickly turning their ad platform into one that provides the rich shoppable creative formats, which will support driving leads and sales. 
What action should you take?: The new ad formats are not available across all markets at present. We would highly recommend that you speak to your account contact to understand if you can get access to these formats and when they will be coming to your market. If you do not have an account manager, feel free to get in touch with us to learn more. 

Google announce new ‘Helpful Content’ update 

What is it?: On the 18th of August Google announced a new algorithm update which could impact on a brands SEO performance. This change as the title suggests is linked to the quality and relevancy of content to a brands customers, potentially penalising content which is purely written for SEO purposes. 
Why is it important?: Along with the mobile first ranking approach that Google has taken over the last year or so, this is one of the most important updates in recent times. No matter what sector you are in, with the increasing cost of advertising, the objective of all brands should be to increase their SEO footprint, rather than seeing this either remaining the same or declining. 
What action should you take?: Ultimately all content that a brand is creating should be with the user in mind. If it’s not going to add value, it should never be published. In short, content should: 
Be created for a specific / relevant audience 
Showcase expertise or knowledge around a particular subject 
Be trustworthy and credible 
Meet the needs / requirements / queries of the use 
As always, we would also recommend that our clients monitor their rankings, to ensure that they haven’t been negatively impacted over this period. 

Google launch Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) solution 

What is it?: On the 25th August, Google announced that advertisers could start to buy DOOH activity programmatically via their Display and Video 360 solution. Environments where digital ads can be purchased include airports, rail, shopping centres, stadiums, taxis and more. 
Why is it important?: As we’ve returned to a more normal way of life, with most people returning to working from the office at least on a part time basis and more consumers willing to go out to either socialise with friends or shop, less people are naturally online searching or using social during these times. Google’s launch provides a way to access inventory from premium suppliers such as JC Decaux and Clear Channel, in a more streamlined and flexible way to target these consumers. If used correctly, this type of awareness marketing can help increase your share of voice, when audiences return online e.g. later in the evening. Advertisers will also be able to activate and pause activity in near real time. 
What action should you take?: We are currently investigating this solution with our clients and potentially testing in Q4 2022. If you would like to find out more about whether DOOH is right for you based on your objectives, we are more than happy to discuss over an initial discovery call. 
Discover more: Google update is now out , Google helpful content update and Google helpful content rolling out 

Our final thoughts ... 

Whilst the shoppable aspect of Facebook Lives are disappearing, we do not foresee that these events will disappear altogether. They are crucial for pretty much every sector, whether it is to facilitate a sale or educate your community on a new product launch or business update. 
Hopefully, like the recent Google Helpful Update, this content has not only met Google requirements but has also been useful to our community. If there is anything that has peaked your interest, do not hesitate to get in touch
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