2021 Digital Marketing and Strategy Predictions 

Brands will need to embrace the monetisation of their owned media assets 

We start our 2021 predictions looking at ways in which brands can create new revenue streams to supplement their primary business. 
Today, brands have a significant amount of data and audience reach, whether this be via their website visitors, social followers or CRM lists, where the primary focus is selling their products and services. 
With the impact of Covid-19, the need to diversify your business operations has been heightened and this is opportunity we feel every brand should consider, whether you manufacture your own products or resell other brands. 
This can be achieved via fostering relationships directly with or using technology solutions to support such as Lotame, Criteo and many more besides ... the possibilities are endless! 

Customer Experience will become the biggest factor in driving performance 

Our 2021 digital predictions continue, where we focus on the single biggest change in seo. Unlike many other Google updates, the search engine giant confirmed earlier this year that page experience would become a ranking factor. This was originally due to launch in January however extra time has been given due to the impact of covid19. 
Whilst it is no secret that this change is on the horizon for May 2021, we feel that by the end of next year it will become the biggest single factor driving performance. 
Google have already indicated that they will be testing visual indicators in the search results to show how sites fair against metrics such as site speed and content load stability. Being at the forefront of excellence in user experience will not only drive better rankings but also a higher clickthrough rate and more traffic from organic search ! 
Simply delight your customers and you will gain a strong market share! 

Loyalty programmes will be key to brands retaining customers 

Clearly a topic which isn't new, with the likes of Nectar Loyalty providing rewards for increased customer loyalty since 2002. 
The importance of loyalty has however been heightened with brands increasing their new customer base in 2020. With a tough outlook for the economy in 2021, due to the covid impact and brexit, brands should focus on retaining these new customers, increasing the frequency and their customer value. 
Whether you are a pure play or multi-channel brand, make sure you are considering solutions such Smile.io, LoyaltyLion and Annex Cloud (amongst others) as part of your 2021 strategic plans. 

Subscription models are now the norm and brands will need to adjust their service offering 

Although Covid-19 has meant the world has had more time at home, arguably the biggest consumer trend of 2020 has been the need to save time and cater to customers craving for convenience. As a result, subscription models have become more popular than ever before. 
With 22% of brands launching subscription models during lockdown and with the UK subscription box market is estimated to grow by 77% to be worth over £1 billion by 2022, brands need to move quickly on this trend in early 2021, to meet consumer expectations and not be left behind. 
Considering solutions from Bold Commerce and ReCharge Payments amongst others should be on the top of brands 2021 to do list! 
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